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Creating Sacred


Social Justice is to the world what spiritual practice is to the individual

Healing Justice is to organizations what social justice is to movements. 

We walk into spaces with a world and history behind us.  We need to acknowledge that. Not acknowledging it creates conflicts within the individual spirit and the soul of organizations. When we  honor and give our ancestors reverence we let their organizing for liberation lead the way.  -Dr. Dee-



When people of color create organizations by default they are engaging in healing justice. The act of creating spaces to stand in the social, emotional, and spiritual gap created by capitalism, patriarchy, and oppression. The act of creating a table where we can sit with all our traumas and strategically plan another world.These very acts by default make organizations altars (altering, alternative, alternate).Scared spaces of healing, truth, reconciliation and justice.

Creating sacred organizations requires healing with accountability by its leaders to the organizational trauma created by the deficit of spirituality created by oppression, violence, poverty and neglect.


 Organizational trauma is not something that you can fix with a strategic plan a staff retreat or even implementing health and wellness classes, training and self-care moments. Organizational trauma is created by the people who work in the organization with unhealed trauma. When trauma has nowhere to be processed it goes to work, to school, and home and back again. You take yourself everywhere you go.


Creating sacred organizations requires a commitment to listen to everyone in the organization as sacred until the sacred in them remembers who they are and comes forth in their own leadership.

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