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HEaling with Accountability

What is your personal and organizational Healing going to be accountable to this year? 

Bringing healing to social justice is about leading with spirit first. It considers that movement building and social justice are visions that have to be led by faith, not by sight because creating another world, one that has never existed before requires some level of believing in something bigger than you and this world. 


The two top questions we get asked ...

1. What is our definition of healing justice?

2. How can an organization measure the impact of healing justice?

The consistent complaint we are all the time from leaders is: "We have all the health and wellness line items in our budget, we have bought in consultants to provide healing practices, and while it is supporting people's individual state of mind and wellbeing we are still having the same problems" -

  1. a deep sense of separation from their purpose

  2. questioning their social justice or at least where they are practicing it and with whom

  3. powerless with  all the turnover after they invest in training people

  4. lost with so many executive transitions and having to take care of themselves and their staff at the same time

  5. depleted as they try to manage interpersonal dynamics and conflict within their organizations

We can't answer one question without answering the other.


When we ask for justice what we are really asking for is some level of accountability. YES?


So, healing justice require some level of accountability to healing? NO?


 But to who and what? 


When social justice holds accountability it holds the state, the govt, organizations, leaders, and powers that be. People who promised us something and they are not keeping their word.

So, when healing justice gets held to account who does it hold to account? the person healing who is also not keeping their word to the mission and vision of an organization.

However, many of us are exhausted because we are managing and holding feelings and emotions to account.  As leaders, we can only hold what people stand for to account. We can only hold what people give their word to, to account. We can only hold what they agree to and are committed to, to account.  

In social justice, healing justice holds people's healing to account so they can show up in integrity to who they say they are, their stand in the world, and to create the world they say they are committed to living in.


A Personal and Organizational Invitation

Our definition goes beyond healing justice and is grounded in the belief that the structure, ecosystem, and culture of organizations can only  be designed to win if the individual people who lead and work within them bring intentional  integrity, responsibility, and accountability  hence“healing with accountability.”

We invite everyone to be in inquiry and reflect on the questions in the video so you can create a  stand in the world that you and your team, collective, and organization can hold to account.  


Bring them to your staff meetings, check-ins, and strategic planning - write down some things and come back and share it with us too. 

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