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Meet The Elders 

The Elders Council is the foundation from which the Consortium is rooted in. They are our containers, our witness, our legacy in action.  It is here that we get our personal healing as consultants and our collective wisdom to continue to do our work.  For people of color, the elders are considered the " spiritual leaders" and  “wisdom-keepers” and are held in the highest regard. These two circles are coming together as a healing movement of gender-based violence composed of intergenerational grassroots spiritual leaders from the United States and all over the world. Structured in ancient and ancestral ways, the Circle is open to all spiritual people. It serves as a living healing justice framework and model. Its focus is exclusively on shifting mainstream and traditional practice to a spiritual paradigm shift of womyn of color victim and survivors' lives and the organizations they lead.  


Iya SoJourney McCauley

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